March 29, 2018

Assistant Estimator

Assist the project engineer, estimator or project managers in cost estimation for construction work to be bid or priced, and other project coordination and management tasks.

● Visit sites of jobs to be bid as required to ensure all construction and environmental factors are encompassed in the bidding.
● Read specifications and plans such as blueprints to determine material quantities needed (quantity take-offs)
● Estimate material and worker requirements to complete jobs.
● Confer with managerial and technical personnel, other departments, and contractors in order to resolve problems and to coordinate activities.
● Coordinate pricing and quote activities with construction project subcontractors, suppliers, owners, engineers and architects.
● Obtain quotes from subcontractors, material suppliers and others for estimates and bids.
● Order or requisition materials, supplies, subcontractors, and vendors for project buy-outs.
● Send bid documents to subcontractors and establish a deadline for their quotations allowing sufficient time for the company to complete bids.
● Record & document information for estimates, bids and operational data on specified forms and reports.
● Assist with estimating, including pre-bid site visits and bidding inquiries as assigned by estimator

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