April 29, 2020

It Runs In The Family

The Founders of The Righter Company were father and son, Donald and David Righter.  Over the years there have been numerous father and son teams whom have worked together at The Big R.  Currently, we have five — John and Dusty Fuller, Ben and Butch Sullivan, James Talbert and James Talbert, Jr., Jerry and Dwayne McVey, and Tom and Shawn Ison.  We have also had brothers, sisters and cousins work together.  Current employees Rob and Jim Richmond are brothers along with Mark and Pete Litter.  Jordan and Butch Sullivan are cousins.  In recent years, two daughters of our President, Brad Nadolson, have also called Righter “home.” As  you  can  see,  it  truly  does  Run  In  The  Family!







Pictured are John Fuller and son, Dusty.


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