April 28, 2021

It’s National Work Zone Awareness Week!

“Drive Safe” 

Drivers, this one’s for you: give the work zone your undivided attention.  When you’re driving past roadway construction, slow down and follow all posted sign’s directions.  Don’t stress!  It’s important to stay as calm as you are alert.

“Work Safe” 

Construction crews know that they play a crucial role in maintaining workplace safety.  They’re committed to developing new technologies to take workers out of dangerous situations as well as dedicating every action they make to the safety of all.

“Save Lives” 

Together, we can realize the ultimate goal of zero deaths on our roads and in our work zones.

#NWZAW #SafeWorkZonesForAll #WorkZoneSafety
#StandDown4Safety #GoOrange4Safety
#SaferRoadsSaveLives #ibuildamerica


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