July 7, 2020

Project Spotlight: Alum Creek Trail – Johnstown Road East Side Connector

The Righter Company is pleased to work again with The City of Columbus’ Recreation and Parks Department.  The latest project, awarded in May, is the Alum Creek Trail – Johnstown Road East Side Connector.  Righter’s contract is nearly $2.3 Million Dollars and is scheduled for completion next June.  The work consists of constructing a shared-use path along multiple private properties, dedicated bike lanes along Johnstown Road, and bike boulevards on Parkview Boulevard and 10th Avenue for a project length of 1.3 miles.  Work will also include modifying an existing shared-use path bridge over Alum Creek.  A stormwater retention basin will be constructed near the corner of Johnstown Rd and Kenilworth Rd.  The Project Manager is Chris Thompson and the Project Supervisor is Mark Litter.  Some minor prep work has been completed by Righter’s subcontractor, Law General Contracting.





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