July 30, 2019

Righter Crews Hear of Ways to Prevent Heat Disorders

Through Weekly Safety Talks, Righter crews have recently been reminded of ways to prevent heat stress, heat stroke and the importance of staying hydrated.

During the summer, we must all take precautions to ensure our bodies do not become overheated.  The following are ways to prevent heat stress disorders:

• Use general ventilation, cooling fans, and evaporative cooling whenever possible.

• Shield furnaces and other heat producing equipment including steam leaks.

• Wear loose, lightweight, light colored clothes.

• Drink water steadily before and during work in the heat.

• Drink about 16 ounces before starting

• Drink 5 to 7 ounces every 15 or 20 minutes during hot work.

• Eat well-balanced meals. Eat more smaller/lighter meals rather than large meals.

• Avoid drinks with alcohol and caffeine.

• Work at a steady pace, minimizing overexertion.

• Take regular breaks in a cool, well-ventilated area.

• Know your own limits and ability to work safely in heat.

• Take extra precautions with certain medications. Several medications can affect your body’s ability to stay hydrated. Check with your doctor.

• Avoid sunburn. Having a sunburn reduces your body’s ability to rid itself of heat.

Pictured above are Ben Sullivan, Ben Sullivan, Jr., and Robert Ward, currently working under the supervision of Dwayne McVey at West Water Street Bridge Repair and Waterline Relocation, in Fairfield County.

Pictured above are Danny Wilson, Pete Fink and Jeff McGuire, currently working under the supervision of Jerry McVey at ODOT 180301 – Washington County (Marietta Bike Path).

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