October 2, 2020

Righter Employees Gather for Yearly Mandatory Meeting

The stage was set for all Righter employees to meet in the shop on the afternoon of Thursday, October 1, 2020, to review company policies and to hear about insurance benefits, 401k, life insurance, EAP and…the change in ownership!  For anyone who didn’t know, as of 5/1/2020, Tracy Ferguson and Mike Killilea have been co-owners of our company.  Their vision is to carry on the same values that have always governed The Righter Company.  They are:

Integrity – We will conduct our business honestly and with the highest ethical standards.

Fairness – We will treat our customers as well as our vendors and subcontractors fairly.  We will treat them in the same manner we would want to be treated.

Quality – We understand that construction services are a large investment for our clients.  We will endeavor to provide good service and a quality product in accordance with the client’s investment.

Teamwork – We all do better when we do it together.  We will work together as a team, helping each other as needed.  We will recognize individual accomplishment, but always realize that no one can do it alone.

Fun – Life is too short not to enjoy whatever you do.  We understand that sometimes work can be routine and unpleasant, but we will work to have fun when we can, celebrate our successes, and learn from our mistakes, not dwell on them.

Profitability – We value profitability, but not at the price of any of the above.  We will work to provide a reasonable return for the stockholders and employees of the company.


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