August 8, 2019

Righter to Complete Repairs to the Goodale Park Fountain

Columbus City Council recently approved $330,000 to fix the Goodale Park Fountain with two bronze elephants on top.  The fountain is in the middle of the park’s pond in an active and visual spot.  The Righter Company will be the General Contractor on the project.  Commissioned by The Friends of Goodale Park in 2007, the fountain pumps were installed under the surface of the pond.  Since that time, the pumps installed underwater have proven to be difficult to maintain and have since failed.  Righter will remove the existing underwater system and install a new pump system within an underground pit outside the pond edge. This will not only provide a better pump system, but will also allow the capability to maintain it as necessary, according to Brian Hoyt, spokesman for the City’s Department of Recreation and Parks.

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