August 28, 2020

Project Spotlight: 90 West Broad Street Elevator Improvements

This project consists of updating three existing elevators at City Hall — North, South and Mayor’s.  The work is being sequenced to allow one elevator update at a time so that City of Columbus employees still have access.  Righter’s crew is Brad Guiniling (Foreman), and Bobby Sharp.  Nick Miller, pictured with Brad Guiniling, is the Project Manager.








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August 19, 2020

Righter Celebrates 44 Years of Doing It “Right”

On 8/19/76, The Righter Company officially opened for business with a contract for wall partitions in the amount of $530.00.  As we celebrate our 44th Anniversary, we remember the founders, Don and Dave Righter, for their vision and perseverance.  Through them, many men and women have been able to find work they are proud of and a steady income to provide for their family.




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August 13, 2020

ODOT 194026 – Fayette County Update

The Fayette County ODOT project is coming along nicely.  The structural steel has been erected for all 3 spans.  Earthwork & storm drainage work items are progressing.  The bridge deck forming is ongoing with an anticipated bridge deck pour within the next 2 weeks.  The crew consists of:  Jerry McVey, Butch Sullivan, Dannie Wilson, Ben Sullivan, John Fuller, Dusty Fuller, James Talbert, James Talbert Jr., Vince Gaus, Pete Fink, Kasey McCloskey, and Derick Bendickson.  Keep up the good work!





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August 6, 2020

Ludlow Alley Pedestrian Bridge

Dwayne McVey and crew have completed the rehabilitation work at the Ludlow Alley Pedestrian Bridge in the Arena District.  The work included replacement of the existing bridge bearings, concrete sealing, and painting the bridge trusses & railing.  Righter’s field crew was Clay Slevin, Jim Richmond and Rob Richmond.  Key subcontractors were 360 Construction Company and Twin Rivers Construction.  This is another one of the 20 bridges that is part of Righter’s contract with the City of Columbus on the Bridge Rehabilitation – Annual Citywide Bridge Contract (2019) project.



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July 24, 2020

2020 Recipient of The Donald W. and David M. Righter Scholarship for Civil Engineering and Construction Management

Congratulations to Logan Eberhardt, the 2020 recipient of The Donald W. and David M. Righter Scholarship for Civil Engineering and Construction Management.  The scholarship honors the late founders of The Righter Company, Donald W. Righter, and his son, David M. Righter.

A record $111,000 in scholarships were awarded to 42 students who are pursuing a two or four-year construction-related degree! Since 1959, the BX Scholarship Program has awarded more than $1.5 million in awards to students seeking careers in construction-related fields.

Logan is a fourth year student at The Ohio State University pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering with a specialization in Structural Engineering.  The Righter Company wishes Logan much success in his future endeavors!



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July 7, 2020

Project Spotlight: Alum Creek Trail – Johnstown Road East Side Connector

The Righter Company is pleased to work again with The City of Columbus’ Recreation and Parks Department.  The latest project, awarded in May, is the Alum Creek Trail – Johnstown Road East Side Connector.  Righter’s contract is nearly $2.3 Million Dollars and is scheduled for completion next June.  The work consists of constructing a shared-use path along multiple private properties, dedicated bike lanes along Johnstown Road, and bike boulevards on Parkview Boulevard and 10th Avenue for a project length of 1.3 miles.  Work will also include modifying an existing shared-use path bridge over Alum Creek.  A stormwater retention basin will be constructed near the corner of Johnstown Rd and Kenilworth Rd.  The Project Manager is Chris Thompson and the Project Supervisor is Mark Litter.  Some minor prep work has been completed by Righter’s subcontractor, Law General Contracting.





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July 1, 2020

The Fourth of July

Did you know that eating salmon on the Fourth of July is a tradition in New England?

It began as kind of a coincidence. It just so happened that during the middle of the summer, salmon was in abundance in rivers throughout the region, so it was a common sight on tables at the time. It eventually got lumped in to the Fourth and has stayed that way ever since, even with the decline of Atlantic salmon. To serve salmon the traditional New England way, you’ll have to pair it with green peas. And if you’re really striving for 18th-century authenticity, enjoy the whole meal with some turtle soup, like John and Abigail Adams supposedly did on the first Fourth of July. (You can still be a patriot without the soup, though.)


This year, our 4th of July celebrations may look different than those from years past but, from The Righter Company to you and yours, we wish you a happy & safe holiday!


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June 24, 2020

Out With The Old In Fayette County

On June 23, the Righter crew working on ODOT 194026 were removing parts of the old bridge.  The project consists of the removal and replacement of the existing superstructure, the modification of the existing bridge abutments and piers and roadway approach work.  ODOT awarded Righter a $1,615,127 contract last October for this work, which began in late February of this year.  The current completion date is 10/31/20.  The Project Manager is Mike Killilea and the Field Supervisor is Jerry McVey.  Field crew is Dannie Wilson, Ben Sullivan, Butch Sullivan, Jordan Sullivan and Derick Bendickson.


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June 19, 2020

All Hands On Deck

All hands are on deck when there is a bridge deck pour and the one on June 1st was no exception.  Pictured, along with other Righter personnel, is Master Mechanic, Truck Driver and jack-of-all-trades, Trevor Welch, with 23 years of service to the company.  The new overlay is located on Joyce Avenue over the Norfolk Southern Rail Road, north of I-670, in Columbus, and is nearly 835′ in length.  This is one of 20 bridges that are part of Righter’s contract with the City of Columbus on the Bridge Rehabilitation – Annual Citywide Bridge Contract (2019) project.

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